Episode 2 – How to Greet a Chinese Man

The formal way to address a Chinese man: xiān  sheng (先生), literally Mr. Can be combined with the person’s family name, e.g. Chén  xiān  sheng  (陈先生), meaning Mr. Chen.

Informal ways to greet a Chinese man:

  • gē  gē (哥哥), literally brother; or gě  gé (written as GG, cute way of saying brother).  Used by girls. Can be flirtitious.
  • dà  gē (大哥), meaning big brother, sometimes implying the leader of a group (such as a gang). Can be used when the age gap is small and you want to show some resepct.
  • péng  yǒu (朋友), literally friend. It is a widely accepted salutation from a foreigner.
  • shī  fu (师父/师傅), literally teacher with emphasis on coaching rather than schooling. Drivers, cooks, and street vendors can be greeted as shī  fu.

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